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Newsletter for the week of 04/21/2011

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April 21, 2011

Alright folks, we’ve been lucky enough to have a few new folks join us. I know that there’s a lot of folks that have RL kicking their asses right now. We’re thinking of you and hope that you will be back with us on the TL soon.

All of you that are on Facebook have probably already guessed, but I’ve got a new hobby! I have discovered the fun that is making videos...get your minds out of the gutter, they’re not THAT kind of video. I know that a couple of you are pretty good at making videos as well. I’ve put a poll up on the site, and I’d like to get your input on creating a place at RTD for the videos. Please give me your feedback on this.

For those of you that aren’t on Facebook, think abut joining us over there. The fuckery is EPIC. My siblings and mate make sure of it.


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Hell again. This weeks been another quiet one, everyone’s been so fuckin’ busy lately, myself included. RL is kickin’ several asses right now. So...this week I say we ALL get our collective asses out there, hell...I’ve barely been on. But i wanna see that TL filled with the awesomeness that is RTD.

Also, if you haven’t already, make a profile on Facebook. It’s really developed into a place for fuckery and hilarity. Most of us are on there, just do a search or let us know via DM or IM and we’ll friend you. Feel free to post shit on walls and what not, there’s some awesome videos been posted as well as pics and shit. Fuckery at it’s finest.

Speakin’ of videos...Char has become somewhat obsessed with makin’ them and she’s made some fuckin’ doozies! Seriously, fuckin’ awesome stuff.

Also, I’ve given up askin’ about AVI’s so I’m just gonna be makin’ them

~ Peter

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