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Newsletter for the Week of 05/05/2011

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Newsletter for the Week of 05/05/2011 YuPNi6mHFhjhU917BYaGAJmhaFi7eVNP0u1wmrMw6WCtAbERfjg3al88-Dn7Dy1E-07O4wyhYacCQoLBD6yqGQMX5iNr8K4CZLbb6UV_ASUEi_kjNw

May 5, 2011

Holy Shit what an EPIC WTF day! Dear GOD, I don’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard! I’m glad that everyone not only had fun with it, but seamlessly went right back to the status quo...well as far as the TL goes. I fuckin LOVE the new avis.

So, epic fail on my part. I keep forgetting the day of the week, or not working ahead and in consequence, you guys aren’t getting what you need. I’m sorry. RL has been kicking my ass up one side and down the other here lately.

Just wanted to point out that you’re free to RP with the other characters in your SL group (outside of the directed RP that’s in the SL) For example...In the TX SL this week, there’s nothing about Mary and Char throwing back some drinks out by the fire pit...but we can do that as long as it doesn’t interfere with the SL. Just wanted to encourage you guys to develop your character’s relationships!

Each and every one of you is awesome at what you do! I can’t say enough how much I enjoy all of you!


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Newsletter for the Week of 05/05/2011 XKWq1m7cWQPgRREqQ7BGMYxTibaxPTtLGeTr2p7OBl1uAahhHIffaowenEu5WFzV8HTxLKAzc-xX8n_rLPK9_h2RfF3lamM8-ofsWhLB3vB1lOO-8Q

The fuckin’ epicness of the WTF day that we was beyond measure. I surely haven’t laughed that hard for so damn long in for-fuckin’-ever! I’m still workin’ on the mental avi’s for those that haven’t got them yet, so bare with me. Feel free to nudge me, cause my PMs brain is like a fuckin’ sieve and she easily forgets shit.

So...enjoy this next week, fuckin’ love the colorful TL that we’ve now got goin’ and lets get this party started!

~ Peter

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*nudges Peter, just cause he said I could, and fuck...LOOK AT HIM, wouldn't YOU nudge him every chance you got?*

*nudges Peter again cause I just got a look at his avi here on the site and I had TOTALLY forgotten that he was using that fuck-hot picture here and I licked it...several times, and well, now I'm nudging Peter into DMs*

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