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Newsletter for the Week of 27/05/2011

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Newsletter for the Week of 27/05/2011 YuPNi6mHFhjhU917BYaGAJmhaFi7eVNP0u1wmrMw6WCtAbERfjg3al88-Dn7Dy1E-07O4wyhYacCQoLBD6yqGQMX5iNr8K4CZLbb6UV_ASUEi_kjNw

May 27, 2011

Ok, sorry this is late this week, guys. I’ve apparently had my head up my ass. Anyways, I’m keepin’ the SL’s as is for the most part, as most of them weren’t completed (includin’ my own) and so we’ll get them done this week. What I will be doin’ is sendin’ out SL’s to the new folks, a warm RTD welcome to all the newbies

Char is still on vacay, even if she’s showin’ her status is what it is...she can’t keep her hands off me. Can’t say I blame her

I will be availbile for anyone to come to me about their characters/SL’s, and I will be updating those that need to be over the course of today. If I haven’t gotten to you, or you’re unsure, or I’ve been a total ass about somethin...then hit be up in Gtalk. I’m here to help

Enjoy the funnies!

- Peter
Newsletter for the Week of 27/05/2011 E2br-z6pvBTRc216YDknnJZiCBe6eRu_1CEmweIq8opI6E7tS0WiPYG6mU-hpdo3TTfa_d8TaScrKuVhFaqdOgaHFR_QqHUyew2l-P_To7slB6cy15U
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Newsletter for the Week of 27/05/2011 G7KuAHes54xqIf7FpMUIoxWAjqY5lqDJx0g5wCmCzsXXHYp8sZ6DIFrEaummNCdDx388i9tAfPXCUYDw_-4RRGq49-qNT2qzhAAh1o3LdzS6LT3SKwNewsletter for the Week of 27/05/2011 W_975oT5ApianfffRkz2Ek1yUOjNvaLuh84XqJppOL8sghgWuH05nzrxBlAUsTD39G597s6-bPa_dsknMsfSMDYUJEQIRY3SqlnJuv7LGVKmLdwQaw
Newsletter for the Week of 27/05/2011 JZ09TJBxEtQTe31Djsj-fBp21dWcnzcWS5PP0DcxYa0F18Irp1knLjJcyeFooSTztv5JzsTdJN_0lsl1iRzLqLxpNGM2MHDCnLNyYw5IuEL37ADmIA

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