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Newsletter for the week of 06/15/2011

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June 15, 2010

Well, I am still battling with my service provider to have a decent, reliable internet connection. Thanks everyone for being so patient with me while I’m fighting with them. Hopefully they will have it all resolved later today.

I sent out a PM on the site with regards to your SLs. I have also sent out tweets about SLs. I still have no idea what you want. I do NOT mind writing the SLs, provided they are being done. I also don’t mind if YOU want to write your own SLs, or if you’d like to bring your ideas to me and have me flesh them out into SLs...I’m just really frustrated with this whole issue.

We have very few open roles left! YAY!!!! See? Folks see how awesome you guys are and they want to be a part of the awesomeness! I appreciate all of the RTs with regards to the open roles. I hope that we’ll get them filled quickly.

I’d like to remind everyone about coordinating and communication. We all know that RL comes first, so that’s NEVER an issue, but if something happens in RL and you can’t RP and you said you could...just let your partners know, even if it’s after the fact. “Sorry, something came up RL.” is all that’s needed, and it lets the other person know that you value their time. Also, if you’ve got BIG RL stuff that happens, and you’re going to need some time away, please let me know. I am MORE than willing to work with you provided you come to me. I don’t need to know all of the details, and I won’t ask for them.
Also, please remember that the CORE of any SL should be your interactions with other characters on the TL. I recognize that solo tweeting is necessary on occasion, but it really shouldn’t be the bulk of your RPing. If you are having difficulty setting up times, or if you’re not getting responses to attempts to get on the TL with other characters, please let me know.

Now that we are nearly at capacity, I am looking at a LOT of work to keep the site running smoothly. I am most likely going to be farming out some of the work to those of you that are willing to help with it. Some of the areas that I’m going to be asking for help with are: The Spotlight Character, Posting previous weeks SLs in the forum, creating and announcing polls, updating and maintaining the #FF list, and I ALWAYS need contributors for the NL and with writing SLs! If you’re interested, or willing in helping with any of these areas, please let me know.


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Here’s some funnies for you. I’m always on the prowl for Vampire and Twilight funnies. If you happen to come across any, PLEASE send them my way! I hope that you enjoy this week’s funnies!

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