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Newsletter for the week of 11/18/2010

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Newsletter for the week of 11/18/2010 DarkTimesNewsletterheader

November 19, 2010

Welcome to the site, and welcome to the first weekly newsletter. I thought that a newsletter would be a fun way to get the storyline out to everyone as well as provide a place for you to have your voice heard.

I'd love to have your newsletter contributions!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed getting to know the site. If you are having problems with anything, please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it as quickly as possible.

Just a couple of Administrative things...

I've added a new required field for your GTalk/GChat information. Please make sure to go in and add that information. This is required to make the storylines flow better on Twitter. Havin g a way to communicate with the character you're interacting with makes it soooo much easier.

Please make sure that you've completed your required actions (agreeing to the rules, completing your profile). Remember that your "About Me" area is where you'll give us a brief overview of your Character's history. If you need help with this let me know.



Newsletter for the week of 11/18/2010 ImagesCAMRNOUC RP Tips
This week's tip has to do with identities. If you find out another character's alter ego, please keep that information to yourself unless you have permission. Not everyone wants their character persona revealed.

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Newsletter for the week of 11/18/2010 ImagesCA7AC4U5

Newsletter for the week of 11/18/2010 Storylinesbanner-1
Storyline for the Week of 11/21/10

Welcome to all the new folks! I hope that you’ll enjoy your Storyline for the week. I look forward to seeing how things play out on Twitter.
(*whispers* I gotta hold of this baby before Char could stop me. Don’t tell her. *winks*)

Here’s a little background information for all of you new folks:
Peter (and Tex), Char, Jasper and Bella all live together in Forks. (with the pets...can’t forget the pets!)
Jasper and Bella are just starting out their relationship.
Peter and Char keep up the fuckery and Char seems to be turning into a farmer. (and I am more than willin to help her with the plowin, or just a game of hide the sausage.)

Maria: (A.K.A. Vicious-heinous-hell-bitch-cunt or simply bitch if you need something shorter)
I will e-mail you your storyline. Please keep it under wraps. (and I’ll give you something to keep under wraps...your head!)

Rosalie: (*sings* Rosie Posie pudding and pie, bit the boys and made them die *chuckles*)
You will need to spend some quality brother/sister time with Jasper this week. While you aren’t guilt ridden, you feel like you need to explain your diet change to him. (*grins* You saw the light at the end of the furry tunnel *nods*)
Plus, Jasper will be taking you hunting, make sure that you chose the right people and all that . (Wouldn’t want you chowing down on the innocents.)
You are also going to spend some time with Alice doing girlie sister things, and getting to know Bella.
Please don’t forget to hunt this week! We can’t have those pretty red eyes going black.

This week you are going to make a new friend...Bella! (*channels Alice and bounces up and down with fake glee* Yay! *gets serious again* Who the hell is River?)
River is human and over from England visiting family in Forks. Her and Bella are to meet at Pole Dancing class and strike up a close and fast friendship over the next couple of days. River has a secret that will be revealed at the proper time. River will be meeting more than just Bella, but thanks to Peter knowing all works out. (reeeaaally? she gon na be meetin Tex? *smirks* Joking!!)

Alice: (are ya still a shop-a-holic, over excited shorty? *smoochies*)
You are going to spend some sister time doing girlie things with Rosalie. You’re also going to be getting to know Bella.
You and Peter will be having a talk. (We will? Is this where I make sure that she knows nothin will be comin in between Jas and Dumplin? Sweet.)

Bella: (A.K.A. Dumplin.)
Continue spending time bonding with Jasper. You guys have been doing great, so just keep it up.
I need you to present that little surprise Charlotte asked you for help with to Peter and Charlotte.
You are going to make a new human friend this week after a pole dancing class...River!
You are also going to begin getting to know Rosalie and Alice. (can’t stop the mental images!)

Continue spending time bonding with Bella. (*sighs* aw, ain’t you two just the cutest little pair of loves?) You guys have been doing great, so just keep it up.
You are going to have a man-to-man with Peter. (*beats chest with fists* me man, you emo, me set you straight.) You guys have a lot of crap floating around out there. You’re gonna work it out. (*wipes fake tear from under eye* I love you man!) Have fun with this, talk, wrestle, both, neither, as long as it’s not an emo c onvo. ( As if.)
You’re going to need to have a brother/sister heart-to-heart with Rosalie. She’s afraid that you won’t accept her diet change. Maybe you should take her for a hunt.’re going to be key with River’s SL. Your power means that you’re the only one that’ll be able to get to her when the time comes. (comes *sniggers*)

You need to take your lady on a date. Take Charlotte to town. (I’ll definitely be taking her somewhere, repeatedly and in as many different positions as possible. Oh, you meant date. Riiiight .)
You will also be getting a surprise this week from Bella and Charlotte, and get your mind out of the’s not that. (Pity *snickers*)

Be’re going on a date with Peter. (Hey! She’ll be ecstatic to go on a date with me)
Make sure that you’re around for Bella. As she spends more time with Jasper she’s bound to have more questions.
And Bella’s figured out your surprise for Peter. (Surprise? I get a surprise? I want my surprise!) You’ll find out the details from her this week.

You guys have fun with the storyline, and remember...keep away from the emo! (*takes a deep breath* again with the ‘don’t be emo’ warning? We’re vampires...vampires. We don’t do emo. Well, I don’t, Jas might. Just a little. *chuckles*)

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