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Newsletter for the week of 12/02/2010

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 Newsletter for the week of 12/02/2010 DarkTimesNewsletterheader
December 2, 2010

To all the new folks...Welcome to the site! I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves and their time RPing. Remember, I'm here to help you with any and all problems and/or issues that you may have. Don't ever hesitate to get in touch with me...for anything.

I'd love to have your newsletter contributions! I was a sad girl that no one had anything to funny pics or anything.

As always, I have just a couple of Administrative things...

I've added a new required field for your time zone. Please go into your profiles to make sure that I have added the correct one for you. If I have the wrong one, change it, and PM me so that I know. I need this information so that I can write your storylines.

Please make sure that you've completed your required actions (agreeing to the rules, completing your profile). Remember that your "About Me" area is where you'll give us a brief overview of your Character's history. If you need help with this let me know.

And finally, we haven't used chat very often because our mobile RPers can't access it. I've noticed an increase in the chat room use as our numbers grow and am very excited about this! I'd just like to point out that when in chat, you need to keep the sexual content to PG. This is a rule that the host has set. They can and will shut down the site for violating this rule. Personally, I could give a bigger crap but I don't want the site shut down. There hasn't been a problem with this yet, but hell, we all love the sexin, so I'm just being proactive.



 Newsletter for the week of 12/02/2010 ImagesCAMRNOUC RP Tip

This week's tip has to do with maintaining your character. Please don't make a habit of tweeting out of character. This makes the entire site look bad.

Funny Finds

 Newsletter for the week of 12/02/2010 ImagesCAJ9IWXX

 Newsletter for the week of 12/02/2010 Storylinesbanner-1

Storyline for the Week of 12/02/10

Welcome to all the new folks! I hope that you’ll enjoy your Storyline for the week. I look forward to seeing how things play out on Twitter.
(Heres Uncle Peter...checkin in from Vegas...may have had a little to drink. Alright...a lot. Just proof reading for Char, fun times. VEGAS BABY!!!!!)

Jane--Your storyline involvement will be sent via private message.
Maria--Your storyline involvement will be sent via private message.

(*looks up* booooooo Hiiiiiiissssssssssss!)

Emmett--You are going to spend this week just getting to know everyone and spending time with Rosalie. You will also be going to Vegas for some fun and fuckery. (<----- welcome to the family! Looking forward to seeing whatever fuckery we can get into. Oh...and don’t worry about the lovin *smirks* you have a lot to catch up with)

Alice--You're going to become a spy for the good guys. Jasper or Peter will ask you. You'll receive the rest of your storyline involvement via private message. (Ok then Agent 00Alice, it seems that you will be our eyes and ears in the enemy camp. Pity we can’t give you any nifty gadgets...cause that would be awesome.)

Jasper--You REALLY need to have a little fun in Vegas. (Yes you do! fuck me, man...seriously? Do you have perpetual PMS? Still love ya though, know you’re special! *laughs my ass off*) Think drive thru wedding chapels (ELVIS!!!!) and pole dancing contests. You’re also gonna need to ask Alice, or ask Peter to ask Alice...she needs to see if she can go get the “in” with Maria and figure out what’s going on. You’re going to develop a surprising “big brother” bond with River. ( sweet? *sniggers*) You’re going to have a word with Demetri about what his deal is with your new “little sis”. (hell yeah...get on that Bro!)

River--Spend some time with Jas. Ask him questions about what to expect with your new life, he’s been the most brutally honest about the whole thing and hasn’t held anything back from you. You guys will develop a “brother-sister” bond. (*nods* she needs someone that she knows won’t fuck off and leave her. You know you appreciate the feisty...maybe let her throw you around a bit, I know she’d like that)

Peter--You and Char need a time out!!! The two of you have always been a shining example of what mates should be to each other. (*beams with pride* hell yeah we are!) So, deal with Char’s running to Vegas with River and do what you have to to get back to where you were. This just stinks of Maria’s idea of a fun game, don’t let her win. (as if, I’ll be there baby...don’t you worry about that!)

Demetri--You are going to continue to keep tabs on River to make sure that she’s being kept from Maria. Jasper is going to ask you about this, be honest with him. The rest of your storyline will be sent to you via private message. (Honesty is the best policy...just sayin) Peter’s SL and get your shit together. (I gots some good plans for me and you *grins salaciously*)

Bella--Yay! You’re in Vegas! Have fun...maybe a pole dancing contest with Char and River? (this is definitely a good idea...I wanna see my Char on a pole! Preferably mine.) Maybe a drive thru wedding chapel is in the works? (do I need confetti?)

Ben--Your involvement in this weeks SL will be sent to you via PM. (hello there! Nice to have you with us *grins*)

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Peter Whitlock

Post on Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:58 pm by Peter Whitlock

Now...Char posted this without my little tid bit. Love you still, Darlin'!!!!

So, I've been thinking. And while some people might break out into a cold swear that the idea of that, I think that it’s a damn good thing for me to be doing. Maybe that’s just me, but I don’t care. Now me and Char have been having some problems, we keep on arguing about shit and getting pissed with each other. See...the conclusion that I've come to is this. IT’S ALL MARIA’S FAULT.

Just sayin.

So yeah, we’re being manipulated by the cunt that is Maria. But hell, we’re Whitlock’s and that shit just doesn’t fly so here’s what I think. Your mate is an extension of who you are, your other half and your companion in this fucked up world. Don’t let other shit come in between you, don’t lose sight of what you mean to each other and for the love of God...don’t stop talking and communicating. Now, I'm off to bend Char over the couch and give her a good seeing to...but for everyone else, be true and honest. Don’t let shit get in the way and for all that is holy...have a good fucking time doing it!

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