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Newsletter for the week of 12/16/2010

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Newsletter for the week of 12/16/2010 --MUvamC71gT-AOSO5vM6Lc7JHrpumkFyGIw9e268XvMigKjU7dbTUjj5M_36uqcbOxcDBAAFEelEG_ZgyjZ8WOdrelNILnk19_oGEhPbuu63R5s1w

December 16, 2010

You guys are awesome! I have really enjoyed following all of you on Twitter. Everyone’s stories have just captivated me and I love watching all of you! This past week has been especially captivating and there were a couple of times when I found myself on the edge of my seat. Thank you all for making that happen!

This week, I’m going to call the first “WTF Wednesday” for the site. What is that you say? Well, it’s a day for you to be cut free. No storylines on WTF Wednesday. Take the time to interact with your followers, interact with the characters you don’t usually get to interact with. Personally, I hate the Formspring Spam, but on WTF Wednesday, feel free to Spam away! Have fun with WTF Wednesday, I plan on it! I’ll be sending out notices via the Site Account on Twitter leading up to WTF Wednesday. If you have any questions about WTF Wednesday, let me know.

We’ve added a few new folks to the site, so please make sure that you’re following them. I send out announcements on Twitter, and make sure that the “Follow Us All” List is current under the site account. If I miss someone, or if you see that my list isn’t current, PLEASE let me know! We all know that even vamps make mistakes, so call me on mine.

I want to encourage everyone to use the forums here on site. Right now, based on them, I look like the wordiest Bitch of all time! Well, I might BE, but the forums aren’t just for me...they’re for you guys too! Have fun with them.



Newsletter for the week of 12/16/2010 YGAnItVCM1STTPBc3dImnyLib33JNUrJFmNZBLCwNdWGapVgQTINruW-NN4BW0wkhzP-BL3IB9nX8ZU6-1-53-OH6wO1J9oVQAYQxKySs3mjMNMWiQ

RPing is a group effort 90% of the time. Coordination is key. The most fascinating part about RP is watching the characters interact with each other. One of the requirements here is that you set up a GTalk/GChat account. This is so you have access to instant communication while you are RPing. We also have on site private messaging for you to use. Make sure that you’re using all of the tools you have available to communicate with each other. Good coordination and communication among characters is what sets good sites apart from bad sites. We have a GREAT site, and I’m constantly getting DMs praising the site, and all of you...the characters! Keep using the tools for coordination and communication, and if you haven’t been, get to using them. Let’s keep the site great.

Funny Finds
Really guys?

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So, Char’s asked me to talk to you about sex. *clears throat for effect* When a mommy and a daddy...or even a mommy and a mommy or a daddy and a daddy. Or sometimes, a mommy and a daddy and a mommy and ever many there may be involved. The point is, that when they love each other very much they do the dirty and make babies.

Now...babies, in the conventional sense of the notion, ain’t much of an option for us vamps. But sex is. Sex can be a fantastic part of your relationship, especially if you’re me or Char. If you’re not, then I’m sure it’ll be alright for you too. *grins*

Anyway, there was a point to this that I was supposed to be makin. Sex isn’t all that there is. *feels nauseous just saying that* what I mean is, that just because you’re mated doesn’t mean that everything else falls by the wayside. You still have lives, separate as well as the one that you will be or have built together.

Have fun with your mate, hell I often and in as many different ways that I can think of. And the wonder of mating is that there is no doubtin the other, you know how much you love them and how much they love you. Just don’t forget about everyone and everythin else.

There you go, I hope that made sense.

-Peter Tex Whitlock
Newsletter for the week of 12/16/2010 VODM_jWAE95bZktUsbaKMRELC_c_ce_qjKMXgz5qDcqfazgKkMxLXg9StSU4gr5CqlEFlYTY74EtXcN8vpMMR1M_yCT9HNJUdHGIm4vpySRwuFOgzw

Storyline for the Week of 12/16/10 (Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnn.)

This past week, WOW! Just WOW! You guys are AWESOME! (*laughs* hmm, I think she might’ve liked it. It was all that road head, I’m sure of it *smirks*) You had me glued to the computer. (You made the keyboards sticky? Nah...that one’s too easy) I’m enjoying watching your characters develop so much! Keep up the awesome ass work!

Benjamin--ON HIATUS

Maria--Your storyline involvement will be sent via private message. (Spoiler: I find your ugly, bitch ass and let River tear into you.)

Marcus--You are going to meet with Demetri alone (*quirks eyebrow and sniggers*) and get information about River from him. You are also going to meet with Demetri and Jane together. You’ll get Jane’s “take” on River then (River wanted me to tell you that Jane’s ‘take’ on her would likely be biased, personally I think that Jane’s ‘take’ on anything is pretty fuckin screwed. But that’s just me). You’re going to want to meet River. Work with Demetri on the best way to make this happen. Jane’s going to approach you alone with some valuable information about one of your brothers and why she was with Maria, and what she learned there.

Emmett--You and Rosalie will continue to be there for Alice (*hugs shorty*), and her new friend. While she’s not your singer, you are going to find it harder to resist her than you have River and Bella. Rose and Alice will help you get through this.

Rosalie--Continue spending time with Alice, and get to know her new friend. Emmett is going to need you this week to help him cope with Alice’s new friend.

Brylyn (Brylyn, hey there! Welcome to the family, I’d give you the traditional Whitlock welcmome...but Char might kill me if i did. So, a hug will have to do *hugs you and spins you round* hav fun with Ali) --After meeting with Alice, you guys will begin to foster a friendship. You’ll also get to meet Rosalie and Emmett this week. Emmett might be a little scary for you to meet because of his size. (*whispers* he’s a big teddy bear. Just sayin)

Alice--You seem to be coping well with being back with your family, but you’re excited to have met a new friend. The two of you will work on developing your friendship, and you’ll bring her to meet Rosalie and Emmett. (*thinks that we should just say ‘fuck it’ and open a hotel*)

Jasper--Take Bella on a date. Like a real date. You guys are married and dry humping in the hot tub, and you haven’t even been on a proper date. (Char’s got a good point, Bro. You’ve married the girl, then you get her all hot and bothered in the hot tub without even the offer of dinner? *shakes head in mock seriousness*) You’ll need to talk about the upcoming move to Texas.

River--This is going to be an interesting week for you. (opposed to downright depressing and tortuous? Nice, you need a break) Demetri will be giving you a call to see how you’re doing, and he’s going to have some news and an odd request for you.

Peter--You’re going to get the urge to give your brother and new sister in law an extra special wedding present. Have fun with that. Make it big, over the top, and elaborate. (oooh...that could be dangerous, giving me free range...hmmm...*runs off, laughin my ass off*)

Demetri--You and Jane are going to go back to Italy. You’ll meet with Marcus, brief him on what you’ve learned about River. He’s also going to want to meet with you and Jane together. He’s probably going to give you and Jane a hard time, since he can see relationships. You’ll call River to check on her after meeting with Marcus. He wants to meet her.

Jane--You and Demetri are going to go back to Italy. You’re going to have a meeting with Marcus. He’ll probably ask you about River, and give you and Demetri a hard time about your relationship. After your meeting with Marcus, you are going to re-evaluate your role with Maria. Approach Marcus (without Demetri’s knowledge) with regards to what your role has been with Maria thus far...who sent you and why...spill the beans to him.

Charlotte--Start coordinating your upcoming move. You’ll have to deal with getting the Texas property completed and ready, as well as the’re going to have to arrange their transport. Be there for Bella.

Bella--Jasper’s going to take you out on a date! Yay! You guys have fun. River is probably going to want to talk with you about her weird phone call from Demetri. And you’ll continue to hang out with Charlotte and ask her questions about your upcoming change.

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