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Newsletter for the week of 12/30/2010

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December 31, 2010

I can’t say it enough guys are all awesome. Thank you for being such good representatives of this site, and for making it such a fun place to RP. You ROCK!!! I don’t really think any of you want me turning into a fangirl so on with the show.

Welcome to our new folks. We’ve had a few folks sign up over the past couple of weeks, so be sure to follow their @s. I’ve updated the @ list in the forums, and made the announcements. I’ve also updated the “follow us all” group on the site’s Twitter account, but New Twitter keeps jackin’ up the lists so I can’t guarantee that all of the new additions stuck.

I’ve been working and playing around with the site, trying to work out some of the features. I think I have the Galleries fixed so that you can upload photos. The forums are, I think, working properly and all of you should be able to start topics in the Member’s Area. Chat is fully functional. I know that the Private Messaging is working. Don’t know if you guys were aware of this or not, but you can post comments on pictures in the galleries, and rate them. Have fun with that.

Thanks to all of you for letting me know about your crazy holiday schedules, and for agreeing to carry over the storyline for an extra week. I hope everyone’s holiday was nice.

WTF Wednesday was a LOT of fun! I hope that all of you enjoyed it. Just a reminder, we should be back to our regular Twitter habits now. I’m hoping to call at least one WTF Wednesday in January. I will make sure that you all know about it in advance.

For those of you that were looking forward to Peter’s Words of Wisdom, I’ll have to apologize. I’ve kept him too busy with other things and he just ran out of time! He should be back in the Newsletter next week.

Remember, I’m nearly always around, so please don’t ever hesitate to contact me for anything. I’m not picky about how either: email, PM, DM, IM. If I’m ever not available, Peter will gladly help you with whatever you need. I have enabled my cellphone, so I will be able to receive DMs when I’m mobile, though I don’t have Internet access on my mobile.

Keep Being Awesome!


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I’m thinking of doing away with the “RP Tips” part of the newsletter. You guys are fantastic RPers, and really don’t need any of my tips. The only tip that I have for you this week is to continue what you’ve been doing. Develop your characters so that they have depth, and work on their relationships.
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Well hello my Rebellious lot! -grins- Welcome to -dramatic drum roll please, cue the lights- Word of the week with Jane!!!
As you all know I AM the Volturi psychopath. -giggles- How Demetri copes I do not know. Anyway, we all know I am the ruler of all things weird and wacky; and to be honest, I do indeed spit out some rather random shizzle. For example, last week the word fever that caught on was "confucked" (this being my favourite word of time!) However, I am full of more randomness (and no it isn't because I've been nomming on Rowntrees Randoms for the past hour o.O) So, I'd like to share with you in a weekly segment of, if you approve, the random shizzle that filters through my sadistic mind. -shoves the introduction aside-

Now, for the first, rather epic segment of "Word of the Week with Jane"

This weeks Radom shizzle is -pause for dramatic suspense-

GODFOCKER!!-ponders for a moment- hmm, what does 'Godfocker' mean? What is a 'Godfocker' ?

Fear no more!!! Janie is here to define all!!!

So, Janes rather strange PM went to the movies to see 'The Little Fockers'. (Get yourselves to the movies to watch's Fucking Epic!) Anyway, after the movie, I ran into Twitter screaming "I AM THE GODFOCKER!!!" (random much?) Yes, I know. Anyway, Godfocker is THE head bitch! (In fact, it's Gaylord Focker but hey why the fuck?) It means...they who are named "GODFOCKER" have ALL power!! They are THE man (in my case woman, however in Maria’s case...yeah it's questionable -snickers-). By being Godfocker, you are like the Godfather, you posses all authority. In fact, you are like Chuck Norris over Ninjas! -loves Chuck Norris 'cause he's ninja!- so there you go, Godfocker defined.

Now I can hear you ask "but Janie, how can we use 'Godfocker' ??" So, I will show you how to use it correctly...

-kid sits pushing his veggies around the plate...the 'GODFOCKER' looks at the kid and says- hey, yeah you! Eat those greens! -kid looks blank- dude! I said eat yo veggies!! -kid responds- why should I? Your not my father!! -you reply- no. But I am the GODFOCKER!!! Do as I say -roar- (ok shit example I know, but it's what happened irl between the crazy friends I have..)

Basically, only use the title of Godfocker if you think you have the balls for that kinda power and authority. -big grin- Stay tuned for more random shizzle from "word of the week with Jane". -blows sparkly kisses-

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This week, we have a little treat from Rosalie. Enjoy!

Peter, Peter human drinker,

Had a wife but couldn't eat her;

Ahh, fuck who are you kidding

He ate her everyday very well. Ohhh, Char......
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Storyline for the Week of 12/30/10

Ok, we’re still in an awkward week where a few characters don’t have the amount of time that they typically have, but here it is:

Maria--Your storyline involvement will be sent via private message.

Emmett--It’s time to head back to Forks. Unfortunately, there’s been a storm. You’ll need to do some home repairs to the Cullen’s Forks home. And, since we didn’t touch on the Brylyn difficulties for you, they don’t exist! LOL!

Rosalie--You’re going to be heading back to Forks with Emmett, Alice and Brylyn. You and Brylyn are going to take some time this week to get to know each other and develop a friendship.

Brylyn--Ok you’re going to go to Forks with Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice. Help out with the post-storm clean up (shadow might be helpful!) and spend some time getting to know everyone.

Alice--Time to head back to Forks. It may be a rough trip for you, since Forks is where the whole Maria fiasco started. Don’t’ve got Rosalie and Emmett, and your new friend Brylyn. Y’all just spend some time together.

River--Alrighty my have some decisions to make this week. Are you going to Italy with Marcus? Are you going to Texas to talk with Peter and Char? Have fun with it. I can’t wait to see what you decide.

Marcus--You are DONE with Vegas, and ready to head home. You may need to ask River about going with you again. If she’s worried about Peter and Char, take her to’re a King, a re-route shouldn’t be too tough to arrange. If she goes to Italy with you, show her the sights. You are going to call in Afton to act as a guard for River. He is to give you reports on her whenever you are not with her. You will have him re-assigned to your personal guard contingent for a while along with Demetri and Jane, and they will report to no one but you.

Afton--You will be called in and re-assigned to Marcus’ personal guard contingent. He will give you orders and assignments.

Demetri--You and Jane are going to go back to Italy. Marcus is going to have you re-assigned to his personal guard contingent. Spend a little time with your new wife.

Jane--You and Demetri are going to go back to Italy. Marcus is going to have you re-assigned to his personal guard contingent. Spend a little time with your new hubby.

Charlotte--You need to focus on getting over what happened in Texas and your loss of control. Get the property back how you want it.

Peter--You are going to be a busy man this week! You’ve got a tore up property and an upset mate to deal with. AND you’re probably going to have to explain things to Bella when she calls. AND you’ve got company on the way.

Bella--Jasper’s going to take you out on a date! Yay! You guys are going to stay in Vegas a little longer. Even though you can’t have a “real” honeymoon yet, this can be your honeymoon. Enjoy your time. Maybe write a bucket list. Your days are numbered! You’ll be moving to Texas soon. You’ll likely start to worry about Peter and Char and want to give them a call to see what’s up.

Jasper--Take Bella on a date. Like a real date. The move to Texas is coming up soon, and so is Bella’s change. Spend some time with her and help her enjoy her last days being a human. This is as close to a honeymoon as y’all are gonna get for a while.

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Fantstic, as always!! <hugs you and skips off to arrange the move>

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