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Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011

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Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 SbvN2ja-G41YY3eZyTC2AiAfjoCvw3zGk-LtHaw7JsWdqkC9y-t2hw68O0FILKQ_iU1hT1ddHvQceh7KOiEtEn8duKvwBkC2AUjTBd71Wmuyia2yM7U

January 6, 2010

*grins* You’ve got me doing the NL this week...Char is unavailible and left me a mile long ‘Honey Do’ list. So bare with me and I’ll try and get through this without fuckin’ it up royally.

First up, we have 3 new gals with us this week. Please welcome Chelsea (@Bound_tomeVolt), Kate (@FiretouchKate) and Heidi (@seductressheidi). Welcome to the family, ladies, we’re all about havin’ fun and fuckery is abound most of the time. We like the darker side of life and love takin’ advantage of our non-canon status. If y’all have any ideas or anythin for your SL’s or characters, just let Char or me know.

Since we seem to be doing this entire NL in reverse from how we usually do, and I ain’t one to interrupt, I’ll just add my little comments here.

Welcome to our new folks! YAY!!!

Again, I tell you every week; and every week you get better and guys rock! I love watching my TL and watching how the cards fall for your characters.

I REALLY need for everyone to let me know who you’re using for your avis. I am working on a project. Please help me keep my project on schedule and let me know who you’re using. If you don’t...I’ll be forced to give you avis that look like this:

Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 Jbc7CHYqSpBnEOGHVppuhQMiUYEOP3DAUjQAqockAaTgExj_KZg8ma_hZ8pvchPpsasxhKVMpZ1PnNEpQ-p4zKnZR8hTVNrM4JtvvCmvmPPwy-ZcdQ -OR- Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 WvfgA3m39dq-Uuedf1ql9ifuAI40igXfewUEEEuzAHCoMTkWRgZXwuQpMtg1t7tTt3c4oRrV6QiSLGFbS8OePbxu-jC1vr-GGWltUAyGQvZQU0APvg

I don’t think ANYone wants that for their avi. So DM me or PM me and let me know.

There are a couple of you that still need to review and agree to the site rules. Please take care of this as quickly as you can. I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row on the site. I want everything to be in order when guests are looking around.

You’ll notice that I’ve made a couple of changes. I’ve removed the Amazon, Egyptian, and Irish Covens as well as the Eurpoean Nomads. I plan on adding them back once we get more roles filled from those that are still available. I’ve also stopped accepting OCs until I can get more roles filled. HOWEVER, if you know of someone that’s interested in RPing an OC with us...point out to them that many of the characters that we have available have VERY little information on them. They are essentially OCs that already have names!

Please please please please folks....start posting stuff in the forums. Please. And in the there too!

Finally, I’d like to thank all of you for your response to the PM I sent out earlier in the week. I assure you, I will NEVER just ask something of you without cause or explanation. And don’t forget that I’m always here to help you in any way that I can. I don’t care how or when you contact me (except if you @ me when you or I are in an active SL). Seriously, my job is to take care of you.


Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 7yWbWCc8Sc3phSHOs3jA1JMB7IF6XN_4mVdZa8q2wrFAHQBqX2WZDav85Eacwv9H8C0apOTSH8cG6Nj-uKsRNAniYOqaMlBVB64gH6RouYNl1qcglw

Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 TgQB-j4fZ6Dm5_10U46lZKWsAxhc752FXY4S2b47MVKfmUM_E5sjao3mJ8koW0K7je4t_B2zGjYeTWj0tLiSBS0YX7Ls_GcdeHOhoXy61F6xNXIv0w

Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 HlSFgw1QOITkyfjFpS78xD5MtuEdcO1ENAHBqNPC51H385FLqugDj1Xm6ESXkoAk2HeM2wce5fxLcW5QGueqjhNmyNfKm09Jd5DuRQesqiPOmN15aw

Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 41AGwP7ed6LP925dQ3TEQ6NlVDz1T1Z9K0xtxFeK_2HZuNP1Bdr4J2qF6Z0jkIBb1DjL6FP0mdpAqasN-JUsN-MCBGKIV5_pGgUVPHD3qEAdplUsWwc

Since Peter took my part of the Newsletter this week, I thought it was only fair that I take his. So remember...these are NOT Peter’s Words of Wisdom, they’re Char’s!

Trusting your mate. Sometimes it’s a scary prospect, but you should...ALWAYS. They’re not gonna let you down. Your mate will always do the absolute best that they can to make things right for you. So don’t forget it, and trust them...even if it scares you to!

Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 -kIubU4fSaqxembQFmKxxn4xXS0Tm0a8ZTZlDRMT64Q4gJaDZEabP7WuIKORfjYu2tf3eIz1ENum8W0JfFC5H0AWz_b9zZKfIAdIDh9tctfOWtnryA

Peterrr!!! -laughs- Hey! Ok, so this is my piece for this weeks episode of (well ya know what it is)......................

-taps the mic- Is this thing on? Oh yeah...right (as always) Hello My Rebellious Lot!! -grins- How delightful. Yet another week has passed and might I add what an eventful week! Anyway, we all know why I’m popping up in this week’s NL....and this is for...-Drumroll. Cue the lights.-

"Word Of The Week With Jane!"

-snickers- Last week’s word was "GODFOCKER" -grins- Again, this week I have been spitting out random shit...I even shocked my dearest Trackersaurous by calling him DUDE! -shifty eyes- I had my reasons!! Reasons I am NOT gonna mention... -snickers- Anyway, I’m losing track of thoughts...Oh, yes. The word!! This weeks word is...


Yes, exactly how that’s spelt, how it is emphasised and everything.
The reason this word is the word of the week is because I have a big obsession with Dinosaurs this week... As I’m sure some of you have noticed -shifty eyes- Because RAWR!! (You have to know dinosaur to know that Wink

Anyways, RAWKsome is a word that is purely positive!! In fact, if I say something is RAWKsome I fucking mean it's FANTASTIC!!! The highest praise anything could ever get, like this family for example is just...TOTALY RAWKsome!!! Wink

The way in which you use this is to praise something in the highest form possible. It’s a great word to use. In fact, it would bring tears to my dry eyes if someone said I was RAWKsome...#JustSaying . -laughs- Now I mean this, each and every single member of RebelliousTwiDark is beyond RAWKsome, but because I’m still trying to come up with a word that expresses just how epic you all are, RAWKsome will have to do.

So, because its a new year, I have a message for you...
Be Prosperous, Eat Marshmallows and carry on being RAWKsome!!!

-steps down from my soap box, turning of the mic, winking once before blowing millions of sparkly kisses then skips of back to my ...hiding place-

Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 -3wC3fgkQpFVxpKK8kUX-zt6L7yCye4Jm3DOzmUOzmdYDfEet9MCXiHa3KP-lWaioOcuOW0oQK2ndVGNQoXd-HKYJolBQfthxJRFUGbUJD5LgAfDjQ

We’ve got another modified nursery rhyme from Rosalie this week! Thanks Rosalie!

Jane’s Rhyme

Janie, Janie, quite contrary,

How does your paining go?

With red strung and Demetri gone,

and dead bodies all in a row

AND...I couldn’t resist adding this into the mix. See...Jane does have a heart *grins*

5500th Tweet goes to... ALL Of My Marshmallow Freaks at #RebelliousTwiDa this is because you all RAWK!! Simple As. Where would we be without @WhitlockWiseOne & @Peters1GirlChar ? Well we certainly wouldnt be here as a strong and growing family without them. They are a huge part in making us what we are so, to you both... THANKYOU!!!
Also, I thank all of the members because yes, i love you all, but i have a few extra extra things to say to a few people...-evil laugh- so here goes...

@DarkVMaster : First of all, to my Master, My father @DarkVMaster . How many girls can say, "Hey, back off my dads a KING!" Ok, maybe a few, but how many can say "You seriously better back of, my dad is king...a VAMPIRE king, he will bite you while i pain you so fook on over there" ...Yeah thats just me xD Marcus you are one in a billion ^_^ You are an amazing RP-er and a fantastic father. Even when you steal me away to the top of the chirstmas tree where we drink tea brought to us by a cat and eat Candy canes (we are so totally normal!! I swear -shifty eyes-) So, Father. THANKYOU

@River_Hewett : -snickers- Now i come to an interesting person...-says eerily- @River_Hewett ... Yes, you make my special list -gasps- SHOCK HORROR!!! but hey, seriously, dont scream about it, but your actually awesome...RAWKsome infact Wink Despite a rocky start to our "Friendship" you over come that and helped me through a tough time back in Vegas, i may not seem like im greatful, or show that much emotion, but i truly am...-shudders- Oh shit im turing into a sap!!! -screams- River!! Thankyou!!! -grins- We love ya really, even if i do often want to drink your blood...(dont tell Marcus)

@TricksterAftonV : -grins darkly- Afton. How nice to come to You dear Brother...Oh by the way...IM TELLING CHELSEA!!!! -laughs- You truly are a douche, but hey i fucking love ya bro!! you big oaf that loves himself, and by the way, DEMETRI IS HOTTER!!! -just to knock you ego- But seriously, your always there for me...even when im not there xD And im holding you to your word of duffing #Alec when he decides to get his numb ass home =P anyway, remember, no matter how much you tackle me, Glitter me or manifest keys to creep into my room and steal my pictures of Demetri (kinky!) You are my brother and are epic...even if you do get stoned with aro and learn about my "Personal life"

@TrackingTheDark :-whispers seductivly- Oh Demetri -whistles then laughs- I know im a cold heartless bitch, but seriously, your epic xD Shhh i dont want to go all sappy but its true!! You help me throuh the dark and when your not here by my side, i feel myself slipping into the darkness again, but a simple thought of you shines the light again =) Now, we are not normal!! I swear...i mean...We are just super Epic and should plan to take over the Volturi soon, especially since we are secretly epic Ninjas!!! -winks- Besides, we are indeed more powerful, after all we are the Grim reapers of Vegas AND Mexico, we go around trashing apartments(not in that way...push the sexual thoughts aside!!) and you like to kidnapp me xD Which i have NO complaints about what so ever. Indeed you truly are amazing My Master Marshmallow, My Trackersaurous and my FuckHawt Hubby Wink Whom i called DUDE!!! xD So, Because You are my life, my air and my everything, I LOVE YOU!

WOW THAT WAS LONG!!! O_O anyway, you get the point!! Now, i need to slaughter something...all this sappy mood has fucked with my mind...-snickers-

Newsletter for the week of 01/06/2011 -2vAYHRt1xEHv7R1M12h9rsAxorV4Y2HPJ-LfV41dnjfeH446JQe6u94jii6IQGEPt5S3OIIg0WuQaNkV4x4CymlqNktkqejwFIVb7nbmOztTcGLtas

Part of this weeks storyline w/c 06/01/11 <=Peter Whitlock, you are a civilian American...those nutters write it 01/06/11 It REALLY should be written 06/01/2011, but I ain’t splittin hairs with ya over the format of the date.

Char has only let me lose on mine, Bella, Jasper’s and her SL this week. No idea why she won’t trust me with the others. Actually, I’ve no idea why she’s trustin’ me with these *grins* but I ain’t arguin’.

Jasper -- With Dumplin’s change on the horizon, you’ve gotta start gettin’ shit ready. Dumplin’s got herself a bucket list, help her with that in your own special way.

Peter -- I’m gonna be takin’ Char and disappearin’ for the week.

Charlotte -- Baby, you’re all mine this week. Limber up and get ready. *smirks*

Bella -- Bucket it. Jas is gonna be helpin’ you with it.

For everyone else, just keep doin’ what your’re doin’ and Char will get yours sorted out ASAP.

Already sorted folks, here’s your SL for the week...Enjoy! (Char! Baby, you’re back...has it really taken me this fuckin’ long to write this damn thing?!) I know Sug, you did a real good job. I’m real proud of you. Thanks for coverin’ my ass.

Brylyn--Congratulations. You’re the lucky...winner? Anyway. You’ve won the evil plot bunny! What is it you say? *doubles over laughing* You’ll know when it happens. It’s not like I’m gonna spill the beans here for everyone to see! Trust me, you’ll KNOW. While you’re waiting on the plot bunny to dive bomb you from the roof of the house, focus on cleaning up after the storm. I’m sure there are plenty of branches and stuff laying around. Probably some shingles too. Also, have some fun in the forest...explore...get to know your new home. Also help Alice and Rosalie with their plans.

Alice--*sings in my Barney the Dinosaur voice* “Clean up, Clean up, Everybody Everywhere, Clean up, Clean up, Everybody do your share.” I’d like for you to help with the clean up of the Forks house and property. AND *drumroll* You and Rose are kinda bored with the whole “Stepford Wives” (or Ex-Wife in your case) thing and really want to DO something. Start planning to open up a shop in Forks. I don’t care what kind of shop, just a shop. Y’all talk amongst yourselves and figure that out.

Rosalie--*raises an eyebrow* Do I need to sing to you too? You’re gonna be helping with the clean up. And see what I just wrote for Alice, yeah...that bit about the shop. You too! And you’re going to need to help Kate get settled in. She can help with yours and Alice’s plans!

Kate--You’re the Cullen’s guest. You can throw pine cones at them while they’re cleaning the yard. *doubles over laughing then sobers up* I’m serious, you don’t have to help clean up cause you’re a guest. You’ll spend some time with Rosalie, talking bout stuff. And you can help Alice and Rosalie with their plans.

Emmett--Help the ladies with the clean up. can work on finding them a location for their shop and (if you find one) get it ready for them.

Marcus--*tosses you the crown and other kingly things* You are going to send Demitri and Chelsea to find and bring back a rogue newborn from somewhere in continental Europe. You pick where. The newborn is going to have to stand before you to answer for their bad behavior. (Sorry, it’s your month this month to handle this sort of thing.) You’ll want River to observe so that she can understand “how you roll” better. *dies laughing* Seriously, you will want her there so that she can see how the hierarchy functions. Do whatever you want with the newborn...throw em in a cell...give em to Jane to torture for a bit...order Demitri to kill em...seriously whatever you want. Shit, I almost need to assign Afton to guard River while you are off being Kingly.

Chelsea--You are going to be called before Marcus and given a mission (see above). You’re gonna have to bond the newborn to you for transport back from where ever you are to Voltera. VERY WEAK BOND. We don’t want em sportin a “Team Volturi” t-shirt when they stand before Marcus. Demetri will be accompanying you on this mission.

Demetri--(take a look at Marcus’ SL, and Chelsea’s SL) You’re gonna go too. Guess why? Cause your mad tracking skills are needed to bring em in! Also, Jane’s gonna need ya some this week. You’ll have to do the mission, but other than that you’re all hers.

Jane--I just gave you Demetri for the week, aside from his mission...have fun! Seriously though, that thing that we talked about last week, yeah....just carry it over. You and River can hang out some while Demetri is on his mission.

Afton--You need to report to Marcus. (read his SL) Yeah that...and it’s probably going to be pretty damn important that you do a good job of it during the hearing. From what I hear, Human + Newborn Vampire = Big Trouble. Also, take Chelsea on a date. Just cause...ladies like that sort of thing. And spend some time getting to know River since you’ll be guarding her.

Heidi--I want you to go on a fishing expedition. Let the TL see how you do that. I’d also like for you to meet River this week. Save your job description for another time with her though. You can also go for a hunt with Jane if you’d like.

River--Ok, Marcus is going to have to do some Kingish things this week. You’ll need to explore the castle...maybe Afton can show you around. Or Jane. And you’re going to attend a hearing at Marcus’ invitation. There’s gonna be a newborn there. Yeah, that ought to give you something to think about. And I’d like you to meet Heidi. Just casually. There will be time to get to know her better. Jane’s probably going to want to hang out some while Demetri’s gone.

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