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Newsletter for the week of 01/13/2011

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Newsletter for the week of 01/13/2011 EMqwPU6w6Dfhww30zvgYoaqceH9XfP5tye0Ca0PiZUVOxf8E8KoWoCDA3XxUpjPn67TmByBhucI3vJjebiRsCWAxZpyw6T0g9HTlcuMQzIzRZ2pktVg

January 13, 2010

Thank you all for another great week of Rping! (*grins and slaps Char’s ass as I think about us makin’ it onto Single ‘n’ Looken’s hot sex list*) I wish that the weather had cooperated better! At any rate, great job everyone!

You'll notice that Char is going on a trip this week in the SL (*pouts as only Peter can do*)...I will still be around, just not active on your timelines. Please don't hesitate to come to me for any reason. I am just going to be focusing on building a new chat alternative for the site. One that has a greater functionality for us. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I know that there was a very good reason for this week's storyline not being completed, but I would like to talk about the storylines briefly. (*stands behind Char and adopts a ‘teachers pose’, wagging my finger at you all from behind her back and tryin’ hard not to laugh) If I am writing you too much, or too little, you need to let me know. When I write “get to know so and so” or “spend some time with so and so” these are things that should take time. It's not something that should be done within 20 minutes of the Newsletter going out. It's also important that you stick to your storylines. I have a long range storyline, that each week builds toward. When you disregard what I've written, it can affect my long range plans. If I give you a storyline that you aren't happy with, I expect for you to come to me so that I can adjust it within the parameters of my long range plans.

Thanks guys, and have a GREAT week!


Newsletter for the week of 01/13/2011 KCaxQjRf_XSR_t3cFs6-CPQ2ZQ58S1ZLQ9o30_HHwHEJBaL2nuq-pPTOiyfviVBx1KrrNk_5JURb8QJcBDzerHilxU9ScHRiHX3pVPNwHlZIzf7e9WA

Newsletter for the week of 01/13/2011 P52OHwjyA8FkqVqGbId6ZBo3_CNPmh5hb9brS06gF-F407Z-vlViu1V-OSlLZmq77zI0NPPz8crBcURe9Ix_Sgw1NHGVq2BcXo7p7HlcVvBM17FW9A

Newsletter for the week of 01/13/2011 MVluPUa_BufhBZNn2ywU_8ItYikf9OzksbgrmSdu1Bq3hHdmBqhFUc3sdg2ryBLUSLuB1ZDQGJOaG7ALjBeyrQrIw9n3AFWVO09ISpdbpdSD_dfTeks

Take a trip to the darkside (*Darth Vader breathing noises*) with me, my pretties....we have cookies, dirty...dirty sex and human blood to boot. And as fun as all of that is, the darkside (*plays with my lightsabre*) isn’t all sweets and rippin’ throats out. Nope the darkside (*gets Char to play with my lightsabre*) brings drama, thrills, intrigue, danger and most of all...horror.

So I am asking you now, all of you, if you have any musin’s on your character or your storyline...any dark little fantasy or secret or idea that might have jumped up and burrowed into your brain. It doesn’t matter if it’s somethin’ that you think might be lame, or too dark or sick or twisted. Ask us...tell us! We’ll discuss it and see what we can do.

Of course, you don’t have to play a dark character, in fact if everybody went that way it would get samey and shit and we don’t want any of that. Chose a dark storyline, or develop a weird ass hobby or obsession that you don’t want others to know about. The non-canon nature of this site means that we get to play. And play we will! *grins* We’re all here to have fun, so let’s have at it people!

Just one thing though....NO IMMPOSSIBABIES!

Newsletter for the week of 01/13/2011 4XawWudISFS4HUwLuI-Diew5cJn9aPfWKBmWS1KqM7Sj83ruVyGmpFF46kTtQEFZQVCxi2utCqk6VhGI6jaI2DOHpUp8XFaIc6mYokXzlyo8XCq1hWY

We have another wonderful little ditty from Rosalie this week!! Thank you Rosalie! (*sniggers at Rosalie’s Dittites...titties...ditties*)

Demetri’s Rhyme

Demi, Demi, Demi Vamp,
Have you any blood?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three humans full;
One for the Masters,
And one for Jane,
And one for Me
To keep me Sane.

Newsletter for the week of 01/13/2011 E34vQBrzYZVCKXsd2r9MIQ4BlC2-25iMXzX473qOXrAHBGmp1zMIvUAseo1cFBW0q_I38sw2eoLBZXMgB7GYDSHpR-I1-sOiUVRyORcuztrdPzLrBH0

Ok, here's the storyline for the week. Some aspects have carried over. I'm sorry about that. I was attempting to be proactive and put a hold on it, and I probably should have just waited. Oh well, at any's your storylines. As always, Maria, yours will be sent by PM.


Jasper -- Help Bella get the house and yard set up just like she wants it (and you know exactly how she wants it! *laughs my ass off*). If there are any special preparations (*sniggers*) that need to be made to accommodate a newborn, you'll need to begin making those as well.

Peter -- Help Jasper and Bella with getting their house set up. Also, make sure to show Mama Whitlock your pets. You're going to have to tell Char goodbye for a few days, she's going on a trip. (*whimpers*)

Charlotte – You're going out of town...alone.

Bella – Continue getting your home set up the way you would like it, and keep crossing things off of your bucket list. Spend some time getting to know Mama Whitlock. Introduce her to your pet croc.

Mama Whitlock-- Help Bella and Jas with setting up their home if they ask. Peter's going to show you his pets, and Bella's going to show you her pets. Enjoy that. Also, do what you need to get your own house set up properly.


Brylyn-- You will need to coordinate with Emmett, Rosalie, and Esme...they will need to be around for at least a couple of your walks through the forest. I'd like for you to explore on your own a little deeper into the forest than you have been. You'll also spend some time with Esme this week getting to know her.

Alice-- Continue to work on getting the shop up and running. Maybe you'll start planning a grand opening. Just don't forget your friend Bry....she's going to need you this week. And you are going to meet Randall. Another friend, or maybe more?

Rosalie—Continue working with Alice on the shop. You'll also want to speak with Alice and Bry regarding different ways that Bry can help out once the shop is open.

Kate—Catch up with Rosalie and chat with her about why you're traveling, and what spurred your visit to Forks. Chat with Alice as well and catch up with her as well. Your restless feelings are not going to allow you to stay in Forks much longer, and you start working on a trip to Italy.

Emmett—Spend some time with Esme. You like being the “baby boy”. Also, keep helping the girls get their shop together....I'm sure you can come up with some fabulous ideas for the Grand Opening Celebration.

Edward—You are questioning your decision to return to the family. Maybe speaking with an old friend or two will help you feel better? You'll run into Randall during one of your walks about town. You will bring him home or to the shop to introduce him to the family.

Esme—Spend time getting to know Bry. You'll probably see her as another chick to add to your brood. Perhaps you could add some of your design expertise to the girl's shop idea.

Randall—Welcome to Forks. While wandering about town, you'll run into an old friend...Edward. He's going to take you to meet his family. That's where you'll meet Alice....maybe she's another friend, maybe she's something more.


Marcus—You are going to have to attend to the matter of a rogue newborn somewhere in Europe. Send Chelsea and Demetri to find them and bring them in. You are going to run a trial....just like last week's SL suggested.

Chelsea--You are going to be called before Marcus and given a mission (see above). You’re gonna have to bond the newborn to you for transport back from where ever you are to Voltera. VERY WEAK BOND. We don’t want em sportin a “Team Volturi” t-shirt when they stand before Marcus. Demetri will be accompanying you on the mission.

Demetri--(take a look at Marcus’ SL, and Chelsea’s SL) You’re gonna go too. Guess why? Cause your mad tracking skills are needed to bring em in! You'll also need to “explain Jane's absence”.

Jane-- On an Admin approved sabbatical.

Afton--You need to report to Marcus. (read his SL) Yeah that...and it’s probably going to be pretty damn important that you do a good job of it during the hearing. From what I hear, Human + Newborn Vampire = Big Trouble. Also, take Chelsea on a date. Just cause...ladies like that sort of thing. And spend some time getting to know River since you’ll be guarding her. Go for a walk with her or something, but the two of you will need to chat and get to know each other.

Heidi—I'd like for you to meet River this week. Don't share your job with her just yet. Just chat with her a bit.

River—You will be spending some time with Afton this week. You'll need to get to know him since he's to be your guard. You'll also attend a trial this week. Be on your best behavior. (*LAUGHS MY ASS OFF*)

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