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Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011

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Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011 EMqwPU6w6Dfhww30zvgYoaqceH9XfP5tye0Ca0PiZUVOxf8E8KoWoCDA3XxUpjPn67TmByBhucI3vJjebiRsCWAxZpyw6T0g9HTlcuMQzIzRZ2pktVg

January 20, 2010

Hope you all have had a great week of RPing. We’ve had several new folks sign up so make them feel welcome. We are quickly filling all of our roles, and that’s because you guys are so awesome! Thanks for making my job easier.

If you’ve been on the site at all in the past week, I’m sure you’ve noticed quite a few changes. I have tried to make it more user friendly for our mobile users. Just to highlight a few of the changes: the header banner size was re-worked to a smaller size, two new pages were added, and we have a new chat format.

The new site chat can be found on the portal. It has a TON of great features including the capability for private chat. I know that most of you that have been on the new site chat have discovered that you can send and set audibles as well. I hope that you all like this chat option. If you have problems with it, please let me know.

One of our new pages is a list for #FF that I’ve put together for you. It is still a work in progress. Bella helped with writing the #FFs as did Peter. Feel free to cut and paste them and use them for your #FFs or just use them as a reference if you’d like.

Our second new page is a list of all of our site affiliates. You will notice a daily tweet coming out from the site account for each of them. They are all great sites and I encourage you to take a look at them. The page containing all of the affiliates can be accessed using either the link in the menu, or by clicking the image in the side bar.

I have been waiting since first building this site for the Tweeple application to be “fixed” so that I can provide you with a single click follow for all site members. It was supposed to become available at the beginning of this month. Since that didn’t happen, Peter and I have worked to ensure that the “Follow Us All” list on the site’s twitter account is current. I have created a link to that list and added it to the sidebar. Feel free to click the graphic and follow that list as we keep it as updated as twitter will let us.


Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011 KCaxQjRf_XSR_t3cFs6-CPQ2ZQ58S1ZLQ9o30_HHwHEJBaL2nuq-pPTOiyfviVBx1KrrNk_5JURb8QJcBDzerHilxU9ScHRiHX3pVPNwHlZIzf7e9WA

Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011 WGqy2P2U3vDsOnbXrC6gfPLBvXwsxi7F5Ta4jrbkJO9_5WZzBunWp-8J8FBDGF1vSsy_m5kIlDo9n8dr3KA6IUaivYvLIR2cHeZQibZelEL9xiNaJQ

Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011 MVluPUa_BufhBZNn2ywU_8ItYikf9OzksbgrmSdu1Bq3hHdmBqhFUc3sdg2ryBLUSLuB1ZDQGJOaG7ALjBeyrQrIw9n3AFWVO09ISpdbpdSD_dfTeks

Communication is the key...well, good communication is the key. And this is the key to pretty much everythin’ in life. But I ain’t here to council you on your relationships or how to con your way out of payin’ for a destroyed (and by destroyed I mean decimated) hotel suite in Vegas and end up with three complimentary villas. *grins* I know, I know, I have a talent for bullshit...what can I say?

Anyways, what I am gettin’ at with this communication shit is that y’all have to do it. *shrugs* The SL’s are split into groups...communicate with everyone in that group as to when you can do your bit of the SL. Especially if your working closely with someone else. That way SL’s actually get done and Char isn’t left feelin’ like an odd sock. Or a spare wheel. Or that relative that everyone has that talks all the time and no one listens to.

Whatever, the point is that communication makes for an entertainin’ TL. And let me tell you that you guys get compliments all the time, as well as the site. We’re just having a problem writin juicy SL’s because we’re not sure when some people will be online.

So...we need more communication with us...and we need more communication between y’all...and everyone should be communicatin’ durin’ your SL/TL time.

TALK TO US PEOPLE. We won’t bite...well, Char might, but just sudden movements around her and you’ll be right as rain. *grins*

Also I just wanted to add that y’all rock. Seriously. I’ve fuckin’ loved my TL this week. The other night it was full of our folks and y’all were awesome.’s good to be me.


Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011 4XawWudISFS4HUwLuI-Diew5cJn9aPfWKBmWS1KqM7Sj83ruVyGmpFF46kTtQEFZQVCxi2utCqk6VhGI6jaI2DOHpUp8XFaIc6mYokXzlyo8XCq1hWY

This week’s RTD Nursery Rhyme features me. Hope you like it at much as I did. Thank you Rosalie for submitting it.

Little Miss Char, who pinned down a whore,
Drinkin’ her Blood and Gore;
Along came a Peter,
Who sat down beside her
Then Carried Miss Char away.
Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011 PDuaSt2QtImoXNg4tP-lOeKdm-FCMgioeIOPHbEqQS7WUT7CVm32xow3GKMASjorW9hAAIGCmY-VG5WVcGHqyZudypIhZKb4kx9BzCupudutdhNq8A
Our very own Demetri has decided to open up a t-shirt business and we are happy to feature his shirts here in our newsletter. The shirt that he has on offer for this week is:
Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011 4lUrM01zQ5YHxXJ8Y_U9KR1ioVT24NHMD77jHzvw-VZDDsCLg-5dQiuQF5CRgjyWClT-PVApoOwprFDAqr4W2HRwnGvFdkIVdkCA8-2xsR3mtt6weQ
Newsletter for the week of 01/20/2011 E34vQBrzYZVCKXsd2r9MIQ4BlC2-25iMXzX473qOXrAHBGmp1zMIvUAseo1cFBW0q_I38sw2eoLBZXMgB7GYDSHpR-I1-sOiUVRyORcuztrdPzLrBH0

Enjoy your storylines for the week. I would like to remind you to coordinate with the other characters in your storyline. This hasn’t been happening, and the SLs are not getting completed. It’s a requirement that you have GTalk/GChat for this reason. There are also tools on the site to use for coordinating your SLs. I’ve reduced the SLs considerably for this week to help you have time to coordinate.


Jasper -- Continue with the preparations for the house, and with completing Bella’s bucket list. There’s a surprise on the way to Texas! You’ll probably have to help deal with it.

Peter -- You’ve got your hands full this week. Take care of business.

Charlotte – You also have your hands full this week. Listen to Peter, listen to your Mama, and stop freaking out..

Bella – Keep working on the Bucket list. Your time is quickly running out to get it completed. There’s a surprise on the way to Texas! You are going to need to help deal with it. Char is probably going to really need you this week.

Mama Whitlock-- Jas mentioned needing your help with something. Get with him on that. And the surprise that will be coming, you are gonna be needed to help deal with it....BIG TIME.


Brylyn--Help Rosalie resolve the delivery mix up.

Alice-- Finish setting up the shop. I would like for you to have the Grand Opening at the end of the week. And you are going to meet Randall. Another friend, or maybe more?

Rosalie—You'll also want to speak with Alice and Bry regarding different ways that Bry can help out once the shop is open. There will be a small issue with the merchandise that’s delivered and it’s all wrong. You’ll have to deal with the distributors and get it all straightened out before Alice finds out and freaks out.

Emmett—Plan a date for you and Rosalie.

Edward—You'll run into Randall during one of your walks about town. You will bring him home or to the shop to introduce him to the family. Also, take your dear old friend up on her offer of a meal.

Esme—You are gonna have a special dinner this week. I’d like for you to plan a trip to an out of the way biker bar for a little dinner.

Randall—Welcome to Forks. While wandering about town, you'll run into an old friend...Edward. He's going to take you to meet his family. That's where you'll meet Alice....maybe she's another friend, maybe she's something more.


Marcus—You are going to have to attend to the matter of a rogue newborn somewhere in Europe. Send Chelsea and Demetri to find them and bring them in. You are going to run a trial....just like last week's SL suggested.

Demetri--(take a look at Marcus’ SL, and Chelsea’s SL) You’re gonna go too. Guess why? Cause your mad tracking skills are needed to bring em in! You’ll bring in a witness as well...Garrett.

Jane-- On an Admin approved sabbatical.

Afton--It’s probably going to be pretty damn important that you do a good job of it during the hearing. From what I hear, Human + Newborn Vampire = Big Trouble.

Heidi—I'd like for you to meet River this week. Don't share your job with her just yet. Just chat with her a bit.

River—You will be spending some time with Afton this week. You'll need to get to know him since he's to be your guard. You'll also attend a trial this week. Be on your best behavior.

Kate—Welcome to Italy. You’ll run into Garrett around the castle. See where that takes you. You may attend the trial if you’d like.

Garrett--Welcome to Italy, you’ll be coming back with Demetri. You’re going to be running into Kate. See where that takes you. You’ll have to meet with Marcus to tell him what you’ve seen regarding the newborn.

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