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Newsletter for the week of 01/27/2011

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Newsletter for the week of 01/27/2011 HblBXF9tJ9foLmixL73jNw3N7baHisDX_ZKbHJUM8NXafrRSClLonUCmV3Yy13mU7Npe4Ok_wBuVWKhmyJFgvs8YEy1Tw4WXB1Ut-mX2EMQjKNIlRQ

January 27, 2011

Folks, I gotta say it’s been a mixed bag for me this week.

I’ve had miscommunication, no communication, drama, and general bull shit hitting me all week. I know that I can expect a little of all of this since I’m trying to coordinate with so many folks, but not like this past week. Most of the shit that I’ve dealt with could have been avoided through using the communication tools we all have available, and sticking to the storylines. If you’ve got questions, ask me. Seriously, I’m not nearly as scary as Peter makes me out to be. If I don’t appear to be online, that doesn’t mean I’m not around and can’t be reached. Yes, my PM PM also checks her email, and her DMs first thing in the morning. AND the PM’s cell phone gets all DMs so even when I’m CharMobile you can reach me. I’m very serious each and every time that I say “If you have any questions, problems, or issues let me know.” I am here for YOU.

In addition to the crap, I also had some fan-fuckin-tastic SLs going on. I got more complements on you guys this past week than I have since the site opened. I tell you all the time how awesome you are, and I stand by that. You guys are ALL awesome. A few of you had curve balls thrown at you this past week, but not a single person could tell it from the way you handled your SL. Kudos to all of you for that. Nothing makes me smile bigger (sorry Peter, it’s true) than watching a SL and have 7 folks hit me on GTalk to tell me how captivated they are.

You’ll notice a couple of changes to the Newsletter this week. First, Peter’s part...well blame that on me. I forgot completely about writing this, and I didn’t give him time to do it. Second, you’re gonna be wondering where the storylines are??? No, I didn’t forget them. I will be sending your storylines out via private message on the site. Yes, it is evil of me. You will no longer know what everyone else on the site is doing. I will indicate who is in your storyline group so that proper coordination can take place.

I reduced the storylines last week, and am happy to say that they were all completed. Since this worked out so well, anticipate the reduced storylines to continue. This does not mean that as soon as you have completed the tasks that your storyline indicates that you are done for the week. You can use any additional time that you have to develop your character’s relationships with the other people in your storyline group, or via “telephone call” or “text message” or “email” with characters that are not in your storyline group. If you have completed your storyline tasks and do not know what to do...get with me. I am usually pretty good at coming up with things for the characters to do!

Many of you have created Facebook accounts for your characters. YAY!!! I’m super excited to see this. Feel free to fuck around on Facebook as much as you want. The site has an account there, and I think I have everyone added to the group, so that there is group chat available to you on Facebook. You are not limited in what you can post over there (except what Facebook says you can’t). So head over and have fun. Peter and I both have accounts as well as the site. We look forward to seeing you there.

I hope that you all have a wonderful up-coming week and as always, I’m available if you need me for anything.

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Thanks to Kate for creating the loLstats for this week’s Funny Finds.
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Newsletter for the week of 01/27/2011 KMgGXZF_GNXb-AzWXuut7JEmy6Nsi6Te2sLWQjq8iHjN-lQihzeEzana4zaVxAF8iRDUlp3GAjm_kGXyP1Eqic5RstOMXYdBbWUzLupx0qCZQjLCGQ

Thanks to Rosalie for another of her fantastic nursery rhymes!

Rose’s Rhyme

Hunting with Rosie,
A body full of blood,
Draining! Draining!
They all fall down!

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