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Newsletter for the week of 02/17/2011

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February 17, 2011

Well, welcome to the drunky Char newsletter. There’s a reason you haven’t seen me on Twitter this week, my stupid PM went and got sickie and was on massive feel good meds. Peter felt it would be best if I limited my drunkenness to GTalk. () BUT, I’m still doing the damn newsletter. Don’t worry folks, I won’t let “the man” keep me down. ()

So, this week that just passed, yeah, I don’t remember a whole lot. I’m like 95% sure you were all awesome cause I didn’t get any WTF emails. And y’all bring your A-game to Twitter all the time. You guys are awesome. *drunky grins* ()

I wanna give you a great big hell yeah for being rockstars. I see other site owners and site admins goin all stark ravin mad on the TL all the time. I sit back and just shake my head. Then I get a little giddy cause I don’t have that shit goin on. That’s cause y’all just are that good. *drunky grins again* See, you’re rockstars. ()

Now, you all get a big ole smack on the ass for keepin the drama off the site, and comin to me or Peter or Mama if you gots problems or issues.

So, I’ve been thinkin while I’m in my Peter imposed exile. (I think I’m perfectly capable of being on the TL. I had a grand vision of frolicking through the ranch singin drinkin songs, which would have been awesome. But noooooooo. Drunky Char no gets to frolic.) (Drunky Char got to frolic with a very satisfied me in IM’s. ) Y’all don’t never say nothin bout your storylines. I don’t know if you like em or think they’re stupid as shit and are just humorin me.

Hey. You know, I haven’t been using chat. Y’all need to yell at me sometimes too. I oughta be usin it more. Sorry, I’ll try better. ()

Well, we have a few folks that I just don’t know what’s happenin. I ain’t seen em. And we’ve got some open roles. Y’all make sure you’ve got the site link in your profiles in that little “my website blog thingy space place thing”. Cause when people go “Hell yeah, they’re fuckin awesome. I wanna RP with them!” they’ll know where to go. Just an FYI though...I ain’t gonna take no more humans on the site right now. I love humans as much as the next vamp...they make great dinner guests. *dies laughing* No, really, we’re gonna have 2 newborns raging around the site over the next few months so that’s why. And OCs, well. I gots roles from the books that I didn’t even know were in there. Um, that’s where the OC goes. Let me or Peter or Mama know if you know of someone that’s looking for a site, and we’ll give em a holler. Or send em to us. We’ll be real nice. Promise.

I have missed y’all. You should pop in my GTalk since I’m NOT ALLOWED on Twitter right now. And you are all great. (Everyone contact Char at their own risk...she’s horny as fuck right now and her fuckery is at an all time high)

Now, I’m off to write the storylines for Texas, the bad guys, and the nomads. You’ll probably want to watch those pretty close this week to see if I can pull it off. *blows drunky kisses to you all*


P.S. Peter is awesome. And so is Mama. They have been takin care of bidnez. I would say they both deserve inappropriate gropes and humps, but #1- with Peter, nothing is inappropriate from me, and I’ll kill you if you touch him, and #2- That’s my Mama and just wrong, so don’t touch her either. *glares at Santi* ()
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Kate, you’ve outdone yourself again this week.
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Hey guys!!!

Just wantin’ to say hi and apologize for keepin’ Char off the TL the past few days. She would’ve been fuckin’ hilarious on there, but her PM’s had the tendancy to just PTFO or forget what the hell she’s been doin. Let me tell you, she’s been a HUGE source of entertainment to me over the last couple of days, LMAO.
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Hey Y’all, So this last week has just been chalk full of surprises. Here I am not seein’ Santiago in a Coon’s age and he’s got me runnin’ like a chicken with his head cut off. Peter’s fightin’ his demons when all Char wants is him back to bein’ happier than a dog with two peters.() Good lord, can’t even think about that. We got some up in Forks gettin’ the short end of the stick. *shakes my head*. While others up there are a wooin’ themselves a girl. *grins* We got folks in Italy gettin’ ready for a Weddin’, Personally I’m lookin’ forward to River in that Tiara. *sniggers* Garrett’s gettin’ Katie’s feathers all ruffled up, just remember Garrett, Katie can sometimes be like takin’ to a fence post.

All y’all on Valentine’s Day were just like a Speckled pup in a red wagon. I am lookin’ forward to what is comin’ up. Just remember to not be caught with ya pants down. *grins* (that was ONE time, Ma! Well...maybe a couple...alright 27, but that ain’t the point)

Mama Whitlock

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*snickers* All of Peter's commentary on my section was lost in translation. And can I just say...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the LoLStats! *dies laughing*

Kate Denali

Post on Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:45 am by Kate Denali

Mama Whitlock wrote: Garrett’s gettin’ Katie’s feathers all ruffled up, just remember Garrett, Katie can sometimes be like takin’ to a fence post.
Hey! I resemble that remark! Suspect

The LOLSats were amazing. i don't think I have mentioned how much I enjoy reading all of the sections....although, I will admit, I am especially partial to Mama Whitlock's section. thank you all for the hard work you do!

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