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Newsletter for the week of 03/05/11

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March 5, 2011

Thanks to all of you for being patient with me this week. I know, everything was LATE! I’m sorry. I try really hard to have everything ready and get it to you on time, but sometimes...shit just happens. So, thanks for being patient.

If someone is bothering you on Twitter, and I mean bothering you in any way, come to me. The issue may be worse than you realize. I have a network of other site owners, and while we’re not constantly calling them out on the TL, there are folks that are known around Twitter for trouble. It’s much easier to catch trouble early and handle it swiftly.

A good way to protect yourself is to make sure you keep your information to yourself. Only share all of your @s, and that sort of thing with a select few. This makes it easier, should trouble occur, to isolate it. Also, learn how to save screenshots. If anything ever makes you go o.O get a screenshot, and send it to me. I consider it part of my job to keep this shit from you guys as much as possible. Use your block or block and report buttons all you want, and if you still are being bothered, protect your tweets.


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Thanks Kate!
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Sorry it’s all late this week, but...well...shit happens. Very Happy And oh boy has it been an interestin’ week...the highlight for me was definitely the rave that the Creeptastic Duo arranged. 200 humans going from naught to scared outta their fuckin’ minds is the sign of a truly good shindig. And it’s not like you have to worry so much about caterin’ for the clientele...just make sure that you have enough there for the humans to be all happy go lucky, and we all know its all rainbows and smiles till someone rips a head off Good on you, man. Gets the venom flowin’ and all that. And, you don’t have to worry about clean up afterwards. Just torch the place and move on to the next warehouse for all your ‘bwhahahahahahah’ worthy goin’s on that you lot get up to. Anyways, I’m not sure exactly whats remotely wise about what I’ve said but...
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Hey Y'all,

So this week has had some highs and lows dependin’ on how y’all look at it. I’ve been mad as a wet hen at times. *looks pointedly at my kids* They’re all lucky I didn’t tan their hides. *mumbles* Comin’ home to fightin’, limbs bein’ torn off, Petey no where to be found. Jas not plannin’ shit out. *glares at everyone* Santi, Thank ya for your help, but if ya ever leave my Baby Girl alone like that again I’ll be fixin to take ya down. *shakes my head at ya* Don’t know what y’all are thinkin’. *points at Vlad* People tryin’ to get called ‘Daddy’, *mutters* never gonna happen, seems like he’s two bricks short of a load. *shivers*

Movin’ on, over yonder in Seattle we have Bloodbaths goin’ on. *sighs* Petey, Petey, what we gonna do with ya. Your actin’ like ya are three sheets to the wind and ya aren’t even gettin’ any of Char’s ‘shine right now. I’d be much obliged if ya could get your ass home now. That big ol’ shindig in Seattle was wild. Maria, realize ya are barkin’ up the wrong tree with Peter and leave him alone. Janey, I’d get smart and run while ya can, *whispers* she’s a bat-fuck crazy and I don’t think Stefan is far behind.

We’ve had some folks out sick or otherwise Admin approved leave time in Forks, hopin’ all of them are mendin’ and able to come back soon to us. But we have Alice and Edward goin’ off to hunt, you two enjoy some bondin’ time. Eddie boy ya might end up like a stuck hog if ya don’t watch your step at times. *winks and whispers* Char don’t share.

Katie girl, ya are still slower than molasses at catchin’ the boys. *buffs my fingers on my shirt* It’s why I always got the best ones. *grins* Ya better snatch that handsome man up soon. *throws a wink at Garrett*

Would like to add I am around most of the time, I keep my gtalk on if I’m online y’all are most welcome to come to me if ya need help with something or just want to chat. *grins* I don’t bite, well I do but I’ll keep that to one individual *smirks in Santi’s direction* Anyways, I’m here if y’all need something.

I want to give a warm Whitlock welcome to the new RTD family members Jasper and Marcus. *grins* So glad ya joined us.

Mama Whitlock

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