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Newsletter for the week of 03/31/2011

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Newsletter for the week of 03/31/2011 HblBXF9tJ9foLmixL73jNw3N7baHisDX_ZKbHJUM8NXafrRSClLonUCmV3Yy13mU7Npe4Ok_wBuVWKhmyJFgvs8YEy1Tw4WXB1Ut-mX2EMQjKNIlRQ

March 31, 2011

Thanks for another great week of RPing.

There have been a few shuffle arounds, and we have new characters with old PMs. Thanks to all of you that came to me to talk about doing this. I’m loving the swaps!!

Now, I know I’m anxious for this upcoming week. Lots of good stuff happening on the TL this week. I’M GETTING MY PETER BACK!!! And things are going to get a little touchy in Italy.

Not many of you have contacted me with requests for your SL. Just remember that you can. I’m always open to ideas and suggestions for great SLs, as well as submissions for the NL.

As always, if you need anything I’m almost always around.


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Thanks Kate!
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Avi’s guys, if anyone wants me to make them one then let me know. I’ll either need to know the actor/actress or if you have a pic you want me to use, then DM it over to me. I may have gotten just a little obsessed over makin’ them and also, if there’s any part of your personality that you want me to show in there, then let me know that too.

I like keepin’ them individual, but also uniformed...if that makes any sense. So let me know!! And now I’m off to hump Char’s cursor.

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Hey Y'all,

So, we have had a damn busy week or so it seems. *grins* We actually have quite a few folks out this week due to their PMs takin’ a Admin leave. So it’s been a bit slow on the TL. But we also go some great stuff happenin’ too. It’s been fun watchin’ Alec and Jane on there. Ya two bicker so well. Jane, ya seemed to have a great time with River, it was fun to watch ya both. Marcus, now I was kind of likin’ the idea of a Theme park, if we could build somewhere more private it might be a find thing. *sniggerin’* Seein’ Aro and Sulpicia spendin’ time together has been a rather strange turn. Who knew Aro could be soft. *shrugs*

Looks like Jasper and Char are finally makin’ progress on gettin’ Peter home. Nicompoop that he is, he’s got to be stubborn about things. *givin’ him a glare* Sounds like y’all have a good plan though. Rose, Emmett and Esme helpin’ will be a good thing. Seein’ Rose happy that Emmett’s home, don’t be to hard on him Hon, he’s just a man. *noddin’*

Eddie’s off trackin’ Katie, who seems to like havin’ men on wild goose chases. GO KATIE!!! *sniggers* Haven’t seen much of Maria, which has been kind of nice. Hopin’ she’s got herself occupied so my kids can get out of Seattle safe. I’m thinkin’ vacation for Santi and I, between Jas and Bella, Peter and Char the Ranch is gonna be an interestin’ place soon. Speakin’ of, Mary finally got the diapers and bananas I needed for PJ. Also, got to meet him. She stayed sober and clothed this time, so I was right proud of her. We also got our Bella in the Family now. So it’s gonna be damn full down here in Texas, speakin’ of. Bella sug, I hope ya love the gift that PJ and I got for Jasper. We are both real excited about it and can’t wait for Jas to get home.

Just want to tell y’all, your all wonderful to watch and to RP with and it’s a joy to know ya.

Would like to add I am around most of the time, I keep my gtalk on if I’m online y’all are most welcome to come to me if ya need help with something or just want to chat. *grins* I don’t bite, well I do but I’ll keep that to one individual *smirks in Santi’s direction* Maybe even take more than a nibble. Anyways, I’m here if y’all need something.

I want to give a warm Whitlock welcome to the new RTD family members Bella, Sulpicia, Emmett, Chelsea. *grins* So glad ya joined us.

Mama Whitlock

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