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Newsletter for the week of 04/07/2011

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April 7, 2011

Awesome week. Fantastic *grins* I’m back with Char, so it’s all kinds of good for me. But generally...fuckin’ A! I wanna thank everyone that was included is gettin’ my sorry ass outta Seattle, it was fantastic and brilliantly executed.

We also say welcome to Carlisle this! And a welcome back to Kate and Stef this week, nice to have you back, girls and guys.

Gah, Char is so much better at this shit than me, my gift is in talkin’ shit for a paragraph *reads back what I’ve written* See?

There are still avi’s that I need to let me know please. I either need your actor/actress or a pic that you want me to fuck around with. Either that, or I’ll get bored and just start makin’ them. either way works for me *shrugs*

- Peter

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Thanks Kate!
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Can’t talk....NOM’in’

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Hey Y'all,

Well Hot Damn, we had a awesome week in some ways, but in others a very quiet one. We had a lot of folks out on Admin approved leave. So, I hope to see y’all back soon. Some I know were on Spring Break here in the US of A. Hope y’all had a great time on vacation. If y’all noticed Mary’s Birthday was last Thursday, she stole my contact book and called some of ya. *rolls eyes* Hope y’all enjoyed it. Oh, and April Fool’s, hello Marcus. It was right nice to see one of the Volturi cut loose *sniggers* I was a laughin’ fool watchin’ ya.

Movin’ on, *gives a big ol’ Rebel yell* We got our Peter away from that schemin’ Maria. That’s about the best news this ol’ gal could get. Gettin’ that text that he was with my Baby Girl finally was the sweetest news for this Mama, and bein’ able to tell PJ well lets just say it was Damn wonderful. Thank ya to the Cullen family for helpin’ out Jas and Char. Esme, Carlisle, Rose and Emmett we are so very grateful and y’all did a wonderful, kickass job on the TL. It was nail bittin’ to watch and just turned out great. *sighs* Maria even ya did good. *thinkin’ I can’t believe I’m sayin’ that*

Down here in Texas, *sighs* My Mary is back with me. That girl I swear is gonna some day achieve the impossible of turnin’ my hair white. So, she’s finally moved in. *looks over at Char and Peter* Enjoy ya two. She’ll do great with PJ, but well might be interestin’ at times. My Santi finally got to meet her, I’m pretty sure he didn’t know what to think. *chuckles* And on to me, PJ and I got to go shoppin’ awhile back and well we got a surprise for Jas, which we got to give him when Bella and he visited the other day. We have a new addition in the Whitlock family by the name of Bacon, he’s a little Pot Belly Pig and PJ just loves him. Now, I had Bacon in one of Jas’s shirts since he came home and I know he’s just gonna want to be with Jas all the time, followin’ him every where. I’m so glad Bella and ya loved him Jasper.

Speakin’ of it’s so nice to see the two of ya back together, now if Peter and Char would just get their asses back to Texas finally everythin’ would be back the way it needs to be.

Now, Italy was a bit on the quiet side this week, I did get a glimpse of Alice havin’ a vision and Chelsea movin’ to bind the guards to River. Did wonderful ladies. And Alice, was that really Edward in Vatican City, holy shit, can’t wait to see where that’s headed. River, it will get easier I promise, ya won’t always be a Newborn.

Just want to tell y’all, your all wonderful to watch and to RP with and it’s a joy to know ya. Can’t wait to see y’all back on the TL this comin’ week.

Would like to add I am around most of the time, I keep my gtalk on if I’m online y’all are most welcome to come to me if ya need help with something or just want to chat. *grins* I don’t bite, well I do but I’ll keep that to one individual *smirks in Santi’s direction* Maybe even take more than a nibble. Anyways, I’m here if y’all need something.

I want to give a warm Whitlock welcome to the new #RTD family members. Carlisle!! *grins* So glad ya joined us.

Mama Whitlock

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Hey folks!

I have felt off since the Newsletter went out on Thursday and I didn't get a chance to write my part. I apologize to you all for that. This past Wednesday and Thursday I was extremely busy with real life.

I wanted to make sure that I took the time this week to share a few things with you. First, you truly are all amazing people. I count myself very fortunate that I've been able to chat with and get to know you. I adore all of you, as well as your characters. I can't think of a single character here that doesn't facinate me. Each of you draw me in and make me want to know more! And I'm not the only one.

I also wanted to thank each and every one of you for committing to keeping the TL drama free. Recently, the unnecessary drama on my TL has caused me to start to question things. There have been a few of you that have had storylines interrupted by it. Thank you for your understanding when I've asked for you to please continue later. There are MANY folks that adore watching you RP...and with all of the name calling and "calling out" going on, they aren't able to follow your stories. It's for THEM that I've asked that. Thank you SO much Jane for giving this "Drama-Free Movement" a brand! It's YOUR Twibbon that's helping to spread this commitment.

There are plenty of sites, and RPers, and followers that fully support the No Drama committment. There are also nay-sayers. Personally, I have started losing followers. I just checked, 138 folks have unfollowed me this week. I really could care less for myself, however, if it begins to effect any of you let me know. I plan on continuing to share my positive thoughts and feelings about you guys and the other positive things that I see happening on my TL until it either catches on, or I have no more followers.

I entered into RPing for fun, as I'm sure all of you did as well. I am trying my hardest to keep it fun for all of us. Ok, enough of me on my soapbox! LOL

Several of you have come to me with some fuckin' AWESOME SL ideas! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I truly mean it when I say that I love having your input on your characters. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see how these SLs play out.

I just can't say enough how fantastic you all are. Thanks for taking the time to read my UnNewsletter segment this week!


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