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Newsletter for the week of 04/14/2011

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Newsletter for the week of 04/14/2011 HblBXF9tJ9foLmixL73jNw3N7baHisDX_ZKbHJUM8NXafrRSClLonUCmV3Yy13mU7Npe4Ok_wBuVWKhmyJFgvs8YEy1Tw4WXB1Ut-mX2EMQjKNIlRQ

April 14, 2011

Hey y’all. It’s been a quiet week on Twitter. Y’all know that I’ve been in and out all week. Thanks for your understanding with that. I know that a lot of you have had things going on in RL. I hope that everyone’s doing good and getting settled. I miss seeing my TL filled with RTD folks, and I’ve missed being on my TL too! I’m hoping that this week, my TL will be slammed by you fuckawesome folks.

I know that my GTalk status has been set to red a LOT lately...that’s got nothing to do with y’all and everything to do with RL. If you EVER need me, and my status is red, please DM me. They go straight to my cell phone that I ALWAYS have with me. Yes, always. I answer texts and calls in the shower.

The storylines for this week are going to be carried over from last week. I ain’t upset at all by this, cause my shit didn’t get done either. We’ll all do better this week.


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Thanks Kate! I don’t know how you do it, but you always have me doubled over laughing with these things.

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Communication and Organization.

Alright guys, I know I’ve spoken about this back at the beginnin’, but I’m gonna do a refresher. To start with, I want y’all to make sure that you’re followin’ all three of us Admins.

That’s a must, we need to be able to get a hold of you when we need to. And vice versa. Especially with the way that Twitter has been fuckin’ about lately, we can’t rely on DMs as they seem to have a mind of their own. Still, make sure that you check your DMs regularly just in case. Hell, I know I don’t always do it, so I’ll be right there with you on that one.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re followin’ all the peeps in your SL group, they’re listed on site so make sure to take a look and follow those that you need to and those that you want to. We get up to a lot of fuckery on there.

So, that bein’ said, it also means that y’all can coordinate when you need to. When given an SL that includes other people, y;all need to coordinate when to get on the TL, what you’re thinkin’ of doin’ with the SL and what not. That’s a must, there ain’t no gettin’ away from that. When that isn’t done, SL’s aren’t done, and it’s the responsibility of those within the SL to do that. Plus, havin’ Gtalk runnin’ while y’all are on the TL makes for smoother tweetin’ and less confusion.

My last thing is about avi’s again. I need to know your avi peeps so I can do them.

So, that’s all from me this week

~ Peter

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Hey Y'all,

Well this week was borderline quiet on the #RTD TL, we had a few things goin’ though. We have Char and Peter back in Texas finally. PJ was so happy to see them again. Santi and I finally had a much needed talk about Italy, we’ll see what happens when he talks to Marcus. *crosses my arms over my chest* Hear that Marcus. Just remember now, we are sort of family. *grins*

*chuckles* Jane and River, I’ve enjoyed watchin’ ya two. Practice and drinkin’ *shakes head* Marcus, glad Sulpicia had a talk with ya. It’s good to see Katie and Stefan back with us. Can’t wait to see ya two on the TL again. Ahh, Carlisle and Esme have fun you two. I think Emmett and Rose have as surprise when ya get home, seems ya have a new addition.

Just wanted to thank y’all for the Birthday wishes too. Love my kids and the present they did up for me. Baby Girl, it was beautiful. Peter and Mary I’m keepin’ my eye on you two.

Would like to add I am around most of the time, I keep my gtalk on if I’m online y’all are most welcome to come to me if ya need help with something or just want to chat. *grins*

Mama Whitlock

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