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All about Charlotte Whitlock
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I'm Charlotte ass is owned by Peter Whitlock.

My name is Charlotte Whitlock. I was created out of love by my mate, but immersed in war immediately. I spent my Newborn year on the battlefield, fighting for territory and for my survival. I have seen and done things that have driven other vampires mad. If not for the determination of my beautiful Peter, I would have been killed. He stood up to the most feared vampire of the Southern Wars to ensure my survival.

We ran from the Wars as fast as we could and created a beautiful life for ourselves full of discovery and love. But we owed a debt, and had to pay it. We went back to the Wars and persuaded our brother, Jasper, to join us in our travels. He allowed us to escape and we provided him with his. We are a family Peter and I. Peter brought me to Peter Junior...the cutest baby orangutan that's ever been on this earth. And now we've added Annabelle Grace, another baby orangutan. The two of them are a handful, but we love them!

I’ve spent my whole life as a vampire with Peter. We’ve traveled the world and shared one adventure after another with each other. We've gone to jail plenty, and been banned from entire states, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Peter sees beyond all of my scars, both physical and emotional, and makes me feel beautiful and cherished. He looks at me and doesn’t see my tainted past, but our future; and he always makes sure I see it too. He’s my reason for being and I physically ache when we are apart, even for a short time.

I’m a strong Southern woman with the mouth of a sailor. I may not let many folks get close to me, but I’m fiercely loyal and will kill for the ones I love. I love Peter more than life itself and will do absolutely anything to keep him happy. He gave me eternal life and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than loving him.
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Being Peter's Mate and doing whatever he wants or needs me to do.
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Wherever Peter wants me
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@Peters1GirlChar /@WhitlocksJailed
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Charlotte Whitlock
Charlotte Whitlock

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