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Newsletter for the week of 03/10/2011

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Newsletter for the week of 03/10/2011 HblBXF9tJ9foLmixL73jNw3N7baHisDX_ZKbHJUM8NXafrRSClLonUCmV3Yy13mU7Npe4Ok_wBuVWKhmyJFgvs8YEy1Tw4WXB1Ut-mX2EMQjKNIlRQ

March 10, 2011

Thank you everybody! You guys really are fantastic. I got lots of DMs and hits on GTalk letting me know how awesome you all are! Folks love following you guys, and they enjoy watching your SLs play out. So, thanks for doing such a great job with all of it.

I’ve been on a background kick, and I’ve made a bunch of them for you guys. If I haven’t made you one, and you want one, just let me know and I’ll get to work on it.

Site Maintenance: I’ve linked all of the banners to the appropriate forums now. Don’t know why it took me four months to figure out that I needed to do that, but it’s done now. That should make it a little easier to navigate the forums. If you see anything else that you think could be done to improve the site, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I may not be ABLE to do it, but I will at least give it a try.

Mama’s working on a GChat/GTalk list that’s similar to the Twitter list that we have in the forums. I’m planning on getting that list up and running this week in a new forum.

Peter is working on revising and clarifying some of the site rules. Hopefully, those will be done this week as well. As soon as they’re done, I will send the revised portion out to you in a PM. If you find something ambiguous, or confusing please let me, Peter, or Mama know so that we can get it fixed and clarified.


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Thanks Kate!
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Peter isn’t being very smart right now...he’s running with the WRONG crowd. Hopefully he’ll have some wisdom to share next week.

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Hey Y'all,

So this week for me is a bit fuzzy, as some of ya might know my PM took sick. *glares over at her* then we had a bit of trouble with TD being a horses ass. *kicks it into submission*. So I have been scratchin’ my head on what I wanted to say this week. Then I was changin’ out my status on gtalk and Holy Hell it hit me, smack dab in the forehead. I had plenty to say in some respects.

Y’all have gone Loony. In case some of ya haven’t seen it I’m gonna show ya what it has said for the past week for the most part.

“It's a good thing I'm a vamp or my hair would be white thanks to my kids. Maybe I'll just end up bald from pullin' my hair out. *snorts* But I'm older and earned it. *grumbles* gonna drive me to drink, I swear. *beats my head against rock* It's almost as effective as talkin' to my kids. Glarin' at Mama leads to ya gettin' ya ass kicked. Ok, it's not just my own kids now, it's others kids too, poor Esme. I think everyone has lost their damn minds. *glares* My boobs ain’t lopsided.”

So ya y’all can get an idea of what the weeks been like. *raises brow and throws an arm around Esme* Us poor Mama’s are gettin’ just frazzled with y’all. *whispers to Esme* I feel for ya Sug, I had the misfortune of seein’ Petey in the altogether. *shivers* I’m sure now that Carmen has joined she’ll be feelin’ the same about her Katie girl. *glances at Kate* Told ya to get a move on claimin’ that boy. *shakes my head*

Seattle is just windin’ up to get more interestin’ with my Baby Girl and Jas headed there. Alice, thank ya for the help to our family and enjoy ya whatever that is with Eddie boy. Vlad and Stefan, I think you two are crazier than Maria and that’s sayin’ somehthing. The apple don’t fall far from the tree on that one. Petey, ya better be gettin’ it together or I’m gonna be whoppin’ on ya ass. *nods*. Baby Girl, listen to ya brother and call me *glares*. Jas, hope ya enjoyed ya trip and Fuck, quit cussin’ at ya Sister. Oh an Jas, ya ass is flat in those jeans. *pointin’ at ya*

Marcus, get that gal off and Marry her. *Whispers* Aro don’t seem like the patient type. Chelsea, looks like ya is havin’ a good ol’ time at Carnival down there. Ahh, the memories. *sighs* Aro, quit stickin’ ya nose where it don’t belong. *mumblin’ about havin’ to know every little ol’ thing* Like a nosy ol’ biddy at church. Janey, I think ya need a big ol’ Mama hug, life will sort itself out. *points at ya* Now no through any of that pain mojo my way.

Mary, I better be gettin’ a call from ya soon, gettin’ a mite worried about ya. Santi, *pats ya cheek* Ya just keep bein’ ya sweet self. *grins* Ya are doin’ so good dealin’ with my crazy kids, but I think ya need to spend some time gettin’ to know PJ some more. He likes ya ears. I think he’s thinkin’ of his Daddy with those ‘handlebar ears’ as Char calls them. *shrugs* Better than ya nose, ask Jas about that one.

Would like to add I am around most of the time, I keep my gtalk on if I’m online y’all are most welcome to come to me if ya need help with something or just want to chat. *grins* I don’t bite, well I do but I’ll keep that to one individual *smirks in Santi’s direction* Maybe even take more than a nibble. *thinkin’ about that hammock I want* Anyways, I’m here if y’all need something.

I want to give a warm Whitlock welcome to the new RTD family members Carmen and Aro. *grins* So glad ya joined us.

Mama Whitlock

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Post on Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:22 am by Guest

Katie, Katie, Katie. Why, oh why did you have to go there? I'm scarred from the intrusion as it is. Do you really have to remind me? *looks over at Alice* Sugar, we're renting a hotel room next time.

-glances back- Already booked. -winks-

*smiles at Mama Whitlock* Thank you dear


Post on Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:25 pm by Guest

*groans and rubs hands down my face* A few words of advice to the wise *coughs* Peter *coughs* Get ya crap together, Bro...Cause I ain't gonna come in there and sweep ya off ya feet like I'm some Prince Charmin' *chuckles darkly*

Mama... I thought I had a nice ass, not flat. *quirks eyebrow* Aren't we suppose to have these perfect bodies? *chuckles*


Post on Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:15 pm by Guest

Oh, Alice. I adore you.

Alice Cullen wrote:-glances back- Already booked. -winks-

I adore you to Ed.

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