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Newsletter for the week of 02/03/2011

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Newsletter for the week of 02/03/2011 HblBXF9tJ9foLmixL73jNw3N7baHisDX_ZKbHJUM8NXafrRSClLonUCmV3Yy13mU7Npe4Ok_wBuVWKhmyJFgvs8YEy1Tw4WXB1Ut-mX2EMQjKNIlRQ

February 3, 2011

The good news is, it looks like everyone’s accounts are back to normal. The bad news is they were messed up in the first place. Thanks to our awesome Moderators for helping me out when the shit hit the fan. You guys rock.

Because of all of the account issues, none of the storylines were completed, we will just carry them over for this week. If you have any questions about your storyline, you know how to get a hold of me.

Now, y’ll get out there and get the storylines done. I’ve been stuck watching other characters on my timeline. It’s made me pouty. (poor Peter) I want to see you guys, ‘cause y’all are the best.

Newsletter for the week of 02/03/2011 Ra_Hr370gAtG7QIF8BThd_l-C1oA3KxANx3WHY-XDnz0QgQUWAHjOgu8cYtL_xzZv8Iv8EUsguFQWIRxpTqJZQOKD-wGJGuCwaFwrhsrTNxB3r5RDg

It’s not vampire related, but damn, it’s still some funny shit.
Newsletter for the week of 02/03/2011 V92I_KpIQ-DIXuj8to83UiNXiBp1bgGmrawh9j-gzx4hgsgmy1On0ME1s4hvn5KIWN2oG9hcGLLMg2v2pZ63_MuTZRfl2z-BJ2p7f9_LteP-EGWgiA

Newsletter for the week of 02/03/2011 KMgGXZF_GNXb-AzWXuut7JEmy6Nsi6Te2sLWQjq8iHjN-lQihzeEzana4zaVxAF8iRDUlp3GAjm_kGXyP1Eqic5RstOMXYdBbWUzLupx0qCZQjLCGQ

Thanks to Rosalie for this week’s nursery rhyme.

Maria’s Rhyme

See! Smell! Foes! Run!
Maria smells the blood of anyone.
Be they 'live, or be they dead,
She’ll grind your bones to make her cum.

(And that about sums the RancidTaco up *nods* great little rhyme there Rosie)

Newsletter for the week of 02/03/2011 YFG9egf46YKJS5CK86uUekR9LPNqztCUsFXqs5uKFLFq06pm3_4BYbaotof1eGoEFoWTvEY3B94DJDiJcuXNY_QjxBQjXC8sfP3bRd2Ahg-GZbEH2A

Peter’s words of Wisdom (get banner off of Char) I’m NOT wearing the banner dear. Are you wearing panties? Very Happy I never do...unless you ask me to. uh huh...I like to see the scraps of lace floatin down through the air after I rip them off you. Can’t handle the TexCursor humpin’ there, Darlin’? I prefer the REAL Tex.

This week HAS to be about the Babies/pets/mystical creature adoptive sons. We’ve EXPLODED with new little additions over the last couple of weeks. It’s brought in a an interestin’ new dynamic to the site...and a shit storm of fuckery.

It also seems to have caused an epidemic of animal accounts to pop up all over my TL. Seriously...a cow got married to a Jacob last night. I...well, fuck, I have nothin’ to say about that other than...WALK AWAY NOW! Very Happy

Anyways, to be honest, I haven’t got a fuckin’ clue what I want to say this week other than to carry on with the fuckery, welcome to the new additions, and watch out for crazy ass, over protective spouses that you have to force feed. Not that I’m talking from experience or anythin’.

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